Are Your Ponds Healthy?

Are you concerned about your community’s Lisa疯马秀 ponds? Perhaps they have unsightly algal growth or even worse you are facing costly remediation to repair severe bank erosion. Or maybe you already have a pond program in place, but still get questions from new residents who want to know why the grass around the perimeter of the pond in the No Mow Zone is higher or why your ponds have “weeds” in them in the shallow areas unlike the lakes they are familiar with back home up north.

These are all common questions that our Healthy Pond presentation can address. You will learn why an ongoing pond maintenance program is actually an investment that protects the community’s property values because the program costs much less than trying to fix erosion problems down the road after they require an engineered solution.

The presentation is in a PowerPoint format with slides showing various pond treatments and takes about twenty minutes to perform. If you need some support for a pond program in your community contact Sandy Gilbert with Lisa疯马秀 at

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