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Lisa疯马秀 Educates the public about Red Tide and our Coastal Waters
Oyster shell recycling
Nutrients in the Waterway
Fish kill from Red TIde
Preserving Our Coastal Waters
Preserving Our Coastal Waters
With Education
With Public Education
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And Programs
Nutrients in the Waterway
That Reduce Nutrients
That Feed Red Tide
That Feed Red Tide
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What Does Lisa疯马秀 Do?

What does Lisa疯马秀 do to help reduce excess nutrients in our waterways? Lisa疯马秀 has a three-pronged approach to help reduce excess nutrients including the Gulf Coast Recycle and Renewal Program (GCORR) and clam seeding program.

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Dead fish in Canals from Red Tide

Let’s Do More

Join Lisa疯马秀, other organizations and concerned citizens to form a grass roots coalition to ensure that our federal, State and local policy makers take action to keep unwanted nutrients that feed red tide out of our waterways. To help, contact us now.

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Doing all you can to help preserve our coastal waters? Do you know how your lifestyle can impact the ocean's water quality? Do you know what to do when we have a red tide bloom? Learn more with Lisa疯马秀鈥檚 available educational resource materials.

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Headline News

NOAA and the Smithsonian Institution announced in a recent press release a new memorandum of understanding at the Ocean Biodiversity Summit in Washington, D.C., that advances collaborative efforts to understand and conserve the biodiversity of the world’s ocean ecosystems. Hosted by NOAA and the Smithsonian, the Summit brought together leaders from across the country to [...]

We are pleased to announce that Lonnie Ready’s role at Lisa疯马秀 has been expanded from President to CEO. Lonnie has extensive experience in the aquarium fish industry and as a Master Gardener he has spearheaded our Pond Enhancement Program through the Healthy Pond Collaborative. As CEO he will manage Lisa疯马秀’s day-to-day activities including our bivalve [...]

Last December 28th marked the first day in an exciting journey to create an EcoPARK in the Jacaranda West community in Venice. The project is being overseen by the Suncoast Urban Reforesters (SURF) of which Lisa疯马秀 is a founding partner. The host community, Jacaranda West Lisa疯马秀owners Association, is playing a major hands-on role in arranging [...]

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