Datacenters may be physical or virtual and are the backbone of cloud computing. They are used to house groups of networked computers that require a lot of power to store, process and or distribute massive amounts of information. The information that they store is accessed daily by our computers and smart phones. Up until now [...]

The EPA issued the following Press Release on January 28, 2016 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today released the 2010 National Coastal Condition Assessment showing that more than half of the nation’s coastal and Great Lakes nearshore waters are rated good for biological and sediment quality, while about one-third are rated good for water [...]

Freshwater is naturally occurring water on the Earth’s surface that is characterized by low concentrations of dissolved salts (less than 500 parts per million, a common measure of the concentration of substances in water). Freshwater is found in ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, bogs, and as groundwater (water beneath the Earth’s surface) in underwater aquifers. An [...]

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