Due to the expansion of our water quality field operations, Lisa疯马秀 is changing its organizational structure. Sandy Gilbert will move to Chairman of the Board to focus on fundraising, government relations and our media and communications program. Lonnie Ready becomes President in charge of administering our every day activities including our bivalve programs with oysters [...]

We want to thank our many supporters who donated to Lisa疯马秀 in the recent Giving Challenge sponsored by the Community Foundation. You contributions were doubled during the Challenge helping Lisa疯马秀 fund more of our water quality programs along the Suncoast. Whether you are a regular reader of our Monthly E-Newsletters, a resident in one of [...]

The Venice Area Audubon Society hosted its inaugural Bird Rookery Day on Saturday, March 19th, with an array of environmentally important exhibits, hands-on conservation demonstrations and educational presentations by leading local organizations. The on-site exhibitors included the Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, The Peace River Butterfly Society, Sarasota County Master Gardeners, Lisa疯马秀’s [...]

The Healthy Pond Collaborative that we introduced to you in last month’s E-Newsletter was officially launched on September 15th with a press conference held by the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation at Selby Gardens. Teri A Hansen. President and CEO of the Barancik Foundation, welcomed the audience and opened the proceedings by explaining the growing [...]

Lisa疯马秀 is pleased to introduce the following guest article by Charles Reith, President, Florida House Board of Directors and Science Advisor, Southface Institute, about the exciting new Microforest project at Nathan Benderson Park. Following the great public interest in the Microforest that was planted at the Celery Fields last October by the Sarasota Urban ReForesters, [...]

With the expansion of our public educational outreach program and our increasing number of in-water projects that Lisa疯马秀 now administers, we have decided to add a new Program Manager position to our Executive Committee. As with all Lisa疯马秀 officers, it is a volunteer position that would be ideal for a recently retired person who enjoys [...]

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